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Private equity investing is often divided into the categories described below. Each has its own subcategories and dynamics and whilst this is simplistic.

Advantages of Private Equity News
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Private Equity News

Access to superior private equity news has tremendous benefits for professionals working on both sides of the market. With first notice of buyouts, analysis on private equity trends, and updates on where deals are getting done, you can make more informed decisions and move more quickly to take advantage of […]

Education and Training
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Private Equity Analysts

The Private Equity industry is a pivotal sector in modern global economies. Several financial institutions and investors often prefer private investments over transactions on securities exchanges. The job of a Private Equity Analyst in the private equity industry may vary, depending on the fund sector, the legal status of the […]

What is a Private Equity Career all about?
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Private Equity Careers

Private equity is a destination career – many jobs are stepping stones to other jobs, but those who pursue private equity in earnestness, this is the ultimate landing place. A private equity job is deemed to be among the most respectable jobs in the market and there are myriad options […]

Private equity funding can come from a variety of sources
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Private Equity Firms

Private equity is the equity in an asset that is not freely tradable on the public share markets. In today’s market, ‘private equity’ refers to any money invested with non-public companies which expects a yield for the use of the capital. Also, private equity can refer to buying public companies […]

Key Features of Private Equity Funds of Funds
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Private Equity Fund of Funds

Private equity fund of funds are investment vehicles that pool capital from people to invest in several different private equity funds. Through these funds, investors can create a highly-diversified and comprehensive portfolio of indirect investments in several companies from some or all of the categories of private equity. Private equity […]

Investment Features and Key Considerations
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Private Equity Funds

Private Equity Funds basically relate to a cumulative investment plan, which includes investment making in different equities in accordance to a single investment strategy linked to a private equity. Private Equity Funds lie in a category similar to limited partnerships, involving a fixed time period of ten years, which can […]

Private Equity Finance - Things to Consider
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Private Equity Finance

Seeking private equity will involve giving up ownership of part of your business. Investors generally show a preference towards businesses with high growth potential. Some investors may also show a preference towards the type of business, for example investing in technology companies. Be prepared for the process of obtaining investment […]

Who Is A Private Equity Investor?
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Private Equity Investment

Private equity is a source of investment capital from high net worth individuals and institutions for the purpose of investing and acquiring equity ownership in companies. Partners at private equity firms raise funds and manage these monies for the purpose of yielding favourable returns for their shareholder clients, typically with […]

Benefits Posed by Private Equity and Venture Capital
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Private Equity and Venture Capital

Private equity is medium to long-term private equity finance provided in return for an equity stake in potentially high growth companies whereas Venture capital comes under that category of private equity which covers the capital investments made in new companies. Both Private equity and Venture capital are important components of finance and […]